I said I love you after just three days.

We’d each been secretly harboring a crush on the other practically since we’d met our freshman year. For two years, we kept orbiting around each other like satellites – always close, but never quite connecting. He dated a girl who I’d been friends with since kindergarten. I dated his childhood best friend. Obviously, we were both clueless teenagers, but eventually it all worked out. We started dating on the Wednesday before our junior Homecoming. 

When my best friend and I dropped him off at home after the dance, he kissed me goodbye and it sort of just slipped out. I hadn’t planned to say it, but it’s like my brain went on autopilot. I didn’t even have time to be completely mortified, because he immediately responded, “I love you more.” 

He jokes that he meant “Moore” (my maiden name), but even though he’s always had a quick wit we both know that wasn’t the case that night. Still, he never even hesitated to think about it – it came as easily as breathing.

Now, over 10 years later, I get to call him my husband. While our love story might not be the cutest, or funniest, or most romantic, it’s OUR story. 

Just like us, you have your own unique story – how you met, how you fell in love, and what your dreams are for the future. It’s those stories that I strive to capture – both through my art and my photography. It’s what I love about what I do – I get to help people tell their individual stories. Whether it’s the story of a high school senior who is dreaming of their future career, or the little girl getting her first pony, or the joy of your wedding day. It’s the little details of your journey – the hobbies you enjoy, the places you’ve travelled, your favorite colors. Whether it’s with uniquely designed stationery that heralds a new chapter in your life, or the photographs you look back on that captured a special moment in time, I want to celebrate YOUR story – with all its twists and turns, its triumphs and failures, its sorrows and joys.

It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s YOU.